Summon ender dragon in console

The Ender Dragon is Minecraft’s final boss. It is the most difficult and best mob in Minecraft.

The Ender Dragon is the final obstacle between Minecraft players and the credits. Although it’s one the most enjoyable parts of the game the Ender Dragon is also a dangerous dimension.

There is a way to defeat the Ender Dragon from the safety of the Overworld, without the need for Endermen. You can summon the dragon using commands, just like every mob in the game. Here’s how it works.

To use the summon command, commands must be enabled. This can be done in world settings. It can be done before or after the creation of the world. The summon command is: /summon. It will be /summon ender_dragon for the Ender Dragon.

Players of Minecraft should attempt to summon the Ender Dragon from an area away from their main area. As a result, things can be destroyed. The Ender Dragon remains one of the most difficult mobs to beat in the game. Players need to ensure that they have powerful weapons and armor.

Keep in mind, however, that the Ender Dragon can only be obtained this way. Players will need to respave it. This must be done in a specific way. Commands can also disable achievements in Minecraft worlds.

You can summon the dragon as many times you want. Multiple dragons can be summoned at once. Without the End Crystals, the Ender Dragon cannot recharge its health. It will lose as much health as it hits and it will remain that way until it is defeated.

Guide to Minecraft dungeons loadouts

As a hack-and-slash RPG, the Minecraft Dungeons experience can often live or die based on a player’s chosen build. At higher difficulties, a proper build for a Minecraft Dungeons hero can be the difference between clearing a level and being overwhelmed by its enemies. Due to this, fine-tuning one’s equipment and enchantments can be vital for survival and success, especially at later difficulties.

In order to keep themselves alive and thriving, Minecraft Dungeons players will want to stick to a build as they play and improve over time. Here are five that stand out as the cream of the crop as of the end of 2021.

5) Apocalypse/Ancient Hunts Wither

Wither Armor is a variant of Grim Armor in Minecraft Dungeons, and is a great pick for survivability due to its lifesteal as well as soul gathering capabilities. This is thanks to a 50% increase in soul collection while equipped. Paired with items like the Gong of Weakening, players can deal threefold damage while also taking reduced damage from enemies. Popular items to pair with the build include Fighter’s Bindings (blinding attack speed) and the Soul Bow (additional soul gathering).

Artifacts alongside the Gong of Weakening, which are ideal, include the Torment of Quiver (soul gain, crowd control) and the Death Cap Mushroom (100% boost to movement and attack speed). The build’s significant damage reduction coupled with quick attack speed and soul gathering features should allow heroes to stay alive and move/attack quickly.

4) Pure Soul Melee

Going by other names such as “Titan” or “Soul Tank,” the central theme of most Melee Soul builds is the massive amount of health gain afforded by soul steal items. Bringing a blend of tankiness, speed, and damage, this soul build requires a quick proc of soul collection in a given Minecraft Dungeons area before it kicks in Soul Speed. With enough souls, this enchantment can outpace old combos like Death Cap Mushroom + Boots of Swiftness + Ghost Cloak.

Using the Whirlwind Axe comboed with Death Cap Mushroom, heroes will have substantial enough damage and area of effect (AoE) to stay supplied with souls. Although some players prefer to use Wither Armor for this build, others may opt to use the Dark Armor or its variant Titan’s Shroud for top survivability. For even more survivability in Minecraft Dungeons, using the Soul Healer artifact will improve soul gain further while also healing the player (or a nearby wounded player/summon).

3) Fortune Spear

The Fortune Spear may not be the most meta pick in Minecraft Dungeons compared to those like Fighter’s Bindings, but it has some surprisingly impressive upsides. Even without an impressive ranged weapon, pairing the Fortune Spear with Wither Armor and melee enchantments like Critical Hit, Exploding, and Committed can allow heroes to poke enemy mobs at length. This will cause packs of mobs to explode and will deal significant percentage-based health damage.

Having the Wither Armor and decent soul gain should ensure survivability, and groups of mobs should drop quickly. This build doesn’t possess the movement and attack speed of other Minecraft Dungeons builds, but it makes up for it with range and group clearing capabilities due to the spear’s piercing.

2) Speed Run Build

Though some builds in Minecraft Dungeons are great for killing enemies, others focus on getting to the end of a level as quickly as possible to defeat the boss and reap its rewards. This comes in handy especially when trying to farm a specific piece of gear from a level, as time is a precious commodity and it usually takes several repetitions to finally get the gear to drop.

Most iterations of a solid speed run build include using Splendid or Ember Robes coupled with enchantments like Cowardice and Cooldown Reduction. However, heroes will need a combination of Death Cap Mushroom and Boots of Swiftness to enhance their ability to quickly move through the level.

This build won’t make players a dominating force in battle, but they’ll be able to quickly open chests and defeat bosses for loot.

1) Immortal Tank Build

The ultimate guarantee for survivability in Minecraft Dungeons tends to lean towards tank builds. They ensure near-perfect health and defense while also allowing the player to dole out punishment. These builds take many forms and have remained great meta choices since the inception of Minecraft Dungeons.

Although many of these builds are different, that is a good thing for players, giving them many options and gear/enchantment picks to choose from in the event that they’re missing certain uniques.

Easy way to make your own arrows in Minecraft

Minecraft Bedrock uses arrows as one of the primary types for ammunition. Minecraft Bedrock version 0.3.3 was released as an update for the “Alpha” level on August 9, 2012. Arrows were added to Minecraft Bedrock version 0.3.3. The effective way to fight with mobs in ranged battles is by using arrows.

They don’t affect Endermen but can be used to kill skeletons or creepers or zombies.

How to use arrows

Arrows can be used to attack other entities with crossbows or bows. They can also be collected from mobs after or during a fight. Redstone-based traps can also be set up by players. This uses a dispenser to fire arrows upon receiving a signal.

Completing achievements or advancements is another area where arrows may be of assistance.

Minecraft’s arrows follow a projectile-drop system. This means that when firing from a distance, players must consider the distance and the height of the target. You can increase the damage dealt to your shots by pressing the left mouse button.

How to make arrows

The arrows can be made in four groups and are very easy to make. A crafting table, one piece flint, one stick and one feather are all required for making a set of arrows. You can get feathers from chickens or sticks from wood, and you have the chance to drop flint by digging with a shovel.

Players need to open the crafting table’s grid, place flint sticks and feathers vertically within the grid, and then craft arrows.

How to get arrows in-game

You can also find arrows in partially broken bows and skeleton drops. You can also trade them and find them as chest loot in the following structures.

Tip arrows

Regular arrows can be used as lethal weapons, but they can also be imbued in many potion effects that are activated when they strike a target. Tipped arrows, like potions, have a timer to determine the potion effect they cause on the target. This effect is exactly 0.125%.

Players need eight arrows to craft tipped bows. They also need a lingering potion that contains the effect they wish to imbue their bows with.

Although most tipped bows are available in Java and Bedrock editions of arrows, the Arrow of Decay can only be found in Bedrock Edition. It can however be obtained via console commands and creative mode in Java Edition.

Netherite farming 101

One of the most important resources in Minecraft is netherite. The ingots of netherite are used to improve diamond gear making it more durable and powerful.

Netherite gear is also fire and lava-resistant, which is a unique feature. Players should be aware of cactus block hazards as they can cause the destruction of Netherite items.

Four Netherite ingots can be made by mixing four Netherite scraps with four gold ingots. Finding the Netherite scraps is where the difficulty lies. They can only be found either in ancient debris smelts or in loot chests in Bastion Remnants.

You can mine ancient debris with either a Netherite pickaxe or a diamond pickaxe. It is only found in The Nether. It is found in veins 1-4 but it is most often found as a single block.

Not all methods are the author’s opinions. Some may not be included. This list does not reflect a specific order of quality.

#5 – Strip mining

Strip mining is the simplest way to obtain Netherite. It is located at the coordinate Y = 12 and is the best level. Two blocks should be left between the lanes. Then, just mine straight along to create a strip.

While mining, players must be aware of any lava pockets. Although strip mining can seem tedious, it is extremely easy and highly efficient. All you need are diamond pickaxes.

#4 – TNT mining

If a player has access to TNT, it could be an extremely effective mining tool for finding old debris. This is due to Netherrack’s low blast resistance and the high blast resistance ancient debris.

This means that a lot of Netherrack will be cleared in a TNT blast, leaving behind any ancient debris.

Players must go back to Y = 12 and light a piece TNT. Then, step back a little and let it clear the area.

This method is difficult because of the scarcity TNT. Players will need to have a lot of gunpowder, or they must have gotten enough TNT from pillaging desert temples.

#3 – Bedmining

When used in the Nether, beds can be as effective as TNT. The reason for this is that a Nether bed can explode slightly more quickly than TNT when it’s being used to sleep.

TNT mining is also possible using bed mining. This is described in #4. Beds are far more durable than TNT, even though the explosion is smaller. They are made from very inexpensive wool and wood planks.

#2 – Bastion Remnant loot

If players are looking to test their skills with a Bastion Remnant raid, they may find Netherite scraps in the chests that spawn. Sometimes, players may even find a complete Netherite ingot if they are lucky.

The Piglin hordes can be hard to beat so players must be prepared. However, just as in real life there is no true reward without risk.

#1 – End of crystal mining

If you have the resources, you can place end crystals and shoot them with a bow. This will clear large areas quickly. Another way to create an explosion and expose ancient debris is this.

However, this is a costly way to mine ancient debris. End crystals require ender eyes and ghast tear to craft. These items can be useful if there are many of them.

Java vs Mobile (Minecraft)

Minecraft announced on their official Twitter account that the Java and Bedrock editions will be available on Xbox Game Pass for PC starting 2 November 2021. How would the Minecraft community react to one of the two new Game Pass editions?

Each edition of the game has key differences that make them difficult to combine as one game. Minecraft decided that adding both editions to the Game Pass is the easiest and most efficient way to switch between them.

Both editions will be available as a single Minecraft PC Bundle, so players won’t need to purchase the game twice. Each edition will launch with the same Minecraft launcher. This makes switching between them easy.

There are many key differences between these editions.

First, the Bedrock edition add-on allows for easy crossplay. This means players can play together on console or PC and play with each other. However, the Java edition is only available for PC.

Bedrock is a significantly more restrictive environment for modding. Java allows players to add mods free of charge, while Bedrock add-ons must be purchased.

The Bedrock edition does not include spectator and hardcore modes. These key differences could make it difficult for the Minecraft community to add only one of these modes to their Game Pass.

Players who want to play together on Java edition may find it annoying that they are not able to access Minecraft via the Game Pass.

Anger among gaming communities can quickly turn into negative publicity that could damage a game’s reputation. This is something that no game wants.

However, if Bedrock was not included, Java edition players who enjoy modding the game on larger servers might have formed similar opinions to the ones discussed above, further damaging the game’s popularity.

Minecraft caters to all Minecraft players by adding both modes to Xbox Game Pass. This allows the community to remain satisfied and encourages developers to continue to develop the game.

Minecraft PS4 Update

Mojang and Microsoft have forgotten about Minecraft on PS4. It is still in its bare bones and receives very few updates and functions compared to the Bedrock edition for Xbox or PC. Minecraft PlayStation gamers will be pleased with one new feature: the official launch of 6 Minecraft servers.

Playing online used to be limited to playing in the worlds of other players. The PlayStation Minecraft version does not have dedicated servers. These Minecraft servers offer the same mini-game worlds as on Xbox and PC, including Sky Wars, Glide and Tumble.

After a long wait, this is finally here. In 2019, the PS4 Minecraft version added the Featured Servers tab. Nothing was done about it. Bedrock players on Xbox or PC could still play on large Minecraft servers that had thousands of users. PlayStation users felt a little out of place.

These servers showcase different versions of Minecraft on the console and allow players to participate in massive multiplayer modes (such as the now-famous Hunger Wars), while also featuring extensive world-design and explorable centers. Sky Wars, Tumble and Glider racing are just a few of the other modes.

This is a great edition of Minecraft for PS4 and the PS5, as it is backward-compatible. It should also see an increase in players on the platform. With new cross-compatibility improvements across all Bedrock editions, you should be able play the game on any platform.

These dedicated Minecraft servers are a positive step forward for the PS Bedrock Edition. Realms, however, are still an important missing feature in the standard Bedrock Edition. PlayStation does not allow you to host your own server, unlike Xbox and PC. This means friends cannot join your PlayStation server and play with you offline.

Realms could be coming soon (ish) with the introduction of these dedicated server, although it’s hard to know when official sources haven’t given any teasers/hints as to when.

The 1.16.100 update for all major platforms was released earlier today, including the PlayStation and Nintendo Switch. There are many bug fixes and tweaks in the update. The official Minecraft website has more information about the update.