Guide to Minecraft dungeons loadouts


Guide to Minecraft dungeons loadouts

As a hack-and-slash RPG, the Minecraft Dungeons experience can often live or die based on a player's chosen build. At higher difficulties, a proper build for a Minecraft Dungeons hero can be the difference between clearing a level and being overwhelmed by its enemies. Due to this, fine-tuning one's equipment and enchantments can be vital for survival and success, especially at later difficulties.

In order to keep themselves alive and thriving, Minecraft Dungeons players will want to stick to a build as they play and improve over time. Here are five that stand out as the cream of the crop as of the end of 2021.

5) Apocalypse/Ancient Hunts Wither

Wither Armor is a variant of Grim Armor in Minecraft Dungeons, and is a great pick for survivability due to its lifesteal as well as soul gathering capabilities. This is thanks to a 50% increase in soul collection while equipped. Paired with items like the Gong of Weakening, players can deal threefold damage while also taking reduced damage from enemies. Popular items to pair with the build include Fighter's Bindings (blinding attack speed) and the Soul Bow (additional soul gathering).

Artifacts alongside the Gong of Weakening, which are ideal, include the Torment of Quiver (soul gain, crowd control) and the Death Cap Mushroom (100% boost to movement and attack speed). The build's significant damage reduction coupled with quick attack speed and soul gathering features should allow heroes to stay alive and move/attack quickly.

4) Pure Soul Melee

Going by other names such as “Titan” or “Soul Tank,” the central theme of most Melee Soul builds is the massive amount of health gain afforded by soul steal items. Bringing a blend of tankiness, speed, and damage, this soul build requires a quick proc of soul collection in a given Minecraft Dungeons area before it kicks in Soul Speed. With enough souls, this enchantment can outpace old combos like Death Cap Mushroom + Boots of Swiftness + Ghost Cloak.

Using the Whirlwind Axe comboed with Death Cap Mushroom, heroes will have substantial enough damage and area of effect (AoE) to stay supplied with souls. Although some players prefer to use Wither Armor for this build, others may opt to use the Dark Armor or its variant Titan's Shroud for top survivability. For even more survivability in Minecraft Dungeons, using the Soul Healer artifact will improve soul gain further while also healing the player (or a nearby wounded player/summon).

3) Fortune Spear

The Fortune Spear may not be the most meta pick in Minecraft Dungeons compared to those like Fighter's Bindings, but it has some surprisingly impressive upsides. Even without an impressive ranged weapon, pairing the Fortune Spear with Wither Armor and melee enchantments like Critical Hit, Exploding, and Committed can allow heroes to poke enemy mobs at length. This will cause packs of mobs to explode and will deal significant percentage-based health damage.

Having the Wither Armor and decent soul gain should ensure survivability, and groups of mobs should drop quickly. This build doesn't possess the movement and attack speed of other Minecraft Dungeons builds, but it makes up for it with range and group clearing capabilities due to the spear's piercing.

2) Speed Run Build

Though some builds in Minecraft Dungeons are great for killing enemies, others focus on getting to the end of a level as quickly as possible to defeat the boss and reap its rewards. This comes in handy especially when trying to farm a specific piece of gear from a level, as time is a precious commodity and it usually takes several repetitions to finally get the gear to drop.

Most iterations of a solid speed run build include using Splendid or Ember Robes coupled with enchantments like Cowardice and Cooldown Reduction. However, heroes will need a combination of Death Cap Mushroom and Boots of Swiftness to enhance their ability to quickly move through the level.

This build won't make players a dominating force in battle, but they'll be able to quickly open chests and defeat bosses for loot.

1) Immortal Tank Build

The ultimate guarantee for survivability in Minecraft Dungeons tends to lean towards tank builds. They ensure near-perfect health and defense while also allowing the player to dole out punishment. These builds take many forms and have remained great meta choices since the inception of Minecraft Dungeons.

Although many of these builds are different, that is a good thing for players, giving them many options and gear/enchantment picks to choose from in the event that they're missing certain uniques.