Java vs Mobile (Minecraft)


Java vs Mobile (Minecraft)

Minecraft announced on their official Twitter account that the Java and Bedrock editions will be available on Xbox Game Pass for PC starting 2 November 2021. How would the Minecraft community react to one of the two new Game Pass editions?

Each edition of the game has key differences that make them difficult to combine as one game. Minecraft decided that adding both editions to the Game Pass is the easiest and most efficient way to switch between them.

Both editions will be available as a single Minecraft PC Bundle, so players won't need to purchase the game twice. Each edition will launch with the same Minecraft launcher. This makes switching between them easy.

There are many key differences between these editions.

First, the Bedrock edition add-on allows for easy crossplay. This means players can play together on console or PC and play with each other. However, the Java edition is only available for PC.

Bedrock is a significantly more restrictive environment for modding. Java allows players to add mods free of charge, while Bedrock add-ons must be purchased.

The Bedrock edition does not include spectator and hardcore modes. These key differences could make it difficult for the Minecraft community to add only one of these modes to their Game Pass.

Players who want to play together on Java edition may find it annoying that they are not able to access Minecraft via the Game Pass.

Anger among gaming communities can quickly turn into negative publicity that could damage a game's reputation. This is something that no game wants.

However, if Bedrock was not included, Java edition players who enjoy modding the game on larger servers might have formed similar opinions to the ones discussed above, further damaging the game's popularity.

Minecraft caters to all Minecraft players by adding both modes to Xbox Game Pass. This allows the community to remain satisfied and encourages developers to continue to develop the game.