Minecraft PS4 Update


Minecraft PS4 Update

Mojang and Microsoft have forgotten about Minecraft on PS4. It is still in its bare bones and receives very few updates and functions compared to the Bedrock edition for Xbox or PC. Minecraft PlayStation gamers will be pleased with one new feature: the official launch of 6 Minecraft servers.

Playing online used to be limited to playing in the worlds of other players. The PlayStation Minecraft version does not have dedicated servers. These Minecraft servers offer the same mini-game worlds as on Xbox and PC, including Sky Wars, Glide and Tumble.

After a long wait, this is finally here. In 2019, the PS4 Minecraft version added the Featured Servers tab. Nothing was done about it. Bedrock players on Xbox or PC could still play on large Minecraft servers that had thousands of users. PlayStation users felt a little out of place.

These servers showcase different versions of Minecraft on the console and allow players to participate in massive multiplayer modes (such as the now-famous Hunger Wars), while also featuring extensive world-design and explorable centers. Sky Wars, Tumble and Glider racing are just a few of the other modes.

This is a great edition of Minecraft for PS4 and the PS5, as it is backward-compatible. It should also see an increase in players on the platform. With new cross-compatibility improvements across all Bedrock editions, you should be able play the game on any platform.

These dedicated Minecraft servers are a positive step forward for the PS Bedrock Edition. Realms, however, are still an important missing feature in the standard Bedrock Edition. PlayStation does not allow you to host your own server, unlike Xbox and PC. This means friends cannot join your PlayStation server and play with you offline.

Realms could be coming soon (ish) with the introduction of these dedicated server, although it's hard to know when official sources haven't given any teasers/hints as to when.

The 1.16.100 update for all major platforms was released earlier today, including the PlayStation and Nintendo Switch. There are many bug fixes and tweaks in the update. The official Minecraft website has more information about the update.