Minecraft Server hosting


Minecraft Server hosting

Seth Mattox and partners have dominated the U.S. with a Minecraft hosting platform. It will continue to grow through a new acquisition, creating an additional revenue of more than $40 million.

Mattox, who co-founded Florida-based Apex Hosting in 2013, is Mattox. He said that the company provides Minecraft server hosting at its best and has hosted more than 300,000 Minecraft servers.

Mattox resides in St. Petersburg, while his 47 employees are spread throughout the U.S.A and overseas.

The company was purchased by Nitrado, a German-based firm, in late November for an undisclosed sum.

“This is a huge deal for us. He said that we didn't anticipate it in our journey. “We have focused on game hosting to become the largest Minecraft game host. This acquisition is the perfect match for our goal to expand beyond Minecraft and become multilingual.

Nitrado is a specialist in its own hardware. It has a 20-year-long history of working in the business to-business arena.

Apex Hosting will allow Nitrado to take its marketing efforts further, while Nitrado will be the infrastructure provider for Apex Hosting. Apex Hosting now has over 160 employees and is the largest game server host worldwide.

Mattox stated that the acquisition was a “bootstrap” venture and that the Nitrado organization provided a solid foundation, a full C-suite, and connections to the industry.

He stated that Apex Hosting began the courting process back in August and concluded the deal on November 24.

When we started thinking about our buy-and build activities, it was our dream to have strong Minecraft server hosting presences in the USA. We also wanted strong marketing skills. Marcel Bossendorfer (CEO of Nitrado) stated that this was possible through the Apex Hosting transaction. “This deal is very special because Seth and John have an entrepreneurial drive that will help us find new business opportunities. This story will be a success because of this.”

Mattox recalls the eight-year-old moment when John Rendemonti and he saved $1,000 each and used it to purchase servers.

He laughed about how they named each server after a Pokemon character, such as “Blastoise,” because they thought the slogan of “Gotta Catch 'em All” was appropriate for their mission.

The startup was able to serve over 1,000 customers and had hundreds of servers within months.

Apex Hosting has increased its game library over the past year. Mattox stated that users can expect more expansion until Apex reaches a level similar to Nitrado's library which contains over 100 games.