Netherite farming 101


Netherite farming 101

One of the most important resources in Minecraft is netherite. The ingots of netherite are used to improve diamond gear making it more durable and powerful.

Netherite gear is also fire and lava-resistant, which is a unique feature. Players should be aware of cactus block hazards as they can cause the destruction of Netherite items.

Four Netherite ingots can be made by mixing four Netherite scraps with four gold ingots. Finding the Netherite scraps is where the difficulty lies. They can only be found either in ancient debris smelts or in loot chests in Bastion Remnants.

You can mine ancient debris with either a Netherite pickaxe or a diamond pickaxe. It is only found in The Nether. It is found in veins 1-4 but it is most often found as a single block.

Not all methods are the author's opinions. Some may not be included. This list does not reflect a specific order of quality.

#5 – Strip mining

Strip mining is the simplest way to obtain Netherite. It is located at the coordinate Y = 12 and is the best level. Two blocks should be left between the lanes. Then, just mine straight along to create a strip.

While mining, players must be aware of any lava pockets. Although strip mining can seem tedious, it is extremely easy and highly efficient. All you need are diamond pickaxes.

#4 – TNT mining

If a player has access to TNT, it could be an extremely effective mining tool for finding old debris. This is due to Netherrack's low blast resistance and the high blast resistance ancient debris.

This means that a lot of Netherrack will be cleared in a TNT blast, leaving behind any ancient debris.

Players must go back to Y = 12 and light a piece TNT. Then, step back a little and let it clear the area.

This method is difficult because of the scarcity TNT. Players will need to have a lot of gunpowder, or they must have gotten enough TNT from pillaging desert temples.

#3 – Bedmining

When used in the Nether, beds can be as effective as TNT. The reason for this is that a Nether bed can explode slightly more quickly than TNT when it's being used to sleep.

TNT mining is also possible using bed mining. This is described in #4. Beds are far more durable than TNT, even though the explosion is smaller. They are made from very inexpensive wool and wood planks.

#2 – Bastion Remnant loot

If players are looking to test their skills with a Bastion Remnant raid, they may find Netherite scraps in the chests that spawn. Sometimes, players may even find a complete Netherite ingot if they are lucky.

The Piglin hordes can be hard to beat so players must be prepared. However, just as in real life there is no true reward without risk.

#1 – End of crystal mining

If you have the resources, you can place end crystals and shoot them with a bow. This will clear large areas quickly. Another way to create an explosion and expose ancient debris is this.

However, this is a costly way to mine ancient debris. End crystals require ender eyes and ghast tear to craft. These items can be useful if there are many of them.